About me!!


.- im Vodka/AKA :-) (Zachary or Ren)
-Minor (27/9)
-Chilean (esp/eng)

-Pronouns: He/Him It/It's/That Honk/Honks/Honkself Acid/Acids/Acidself Bones/Boneself (pronouns page)
-Agneder Fluid, Aegfo aroace, Xenogender :-]]
-ENTP (8w7)


I luv!! <3

-Old stuff (not a fan of vintage but i like it too)
-Weird stuff

I h8!! </3

-Constant offensive jokes
-Not respect triggers and/or boundaries
-Say slurs you can't reclaim
-You don't respect xenogenders or neopronouns
-Romanticizes mental illness
-Constant jokes about s/h / "kms"
-Being triggered or overstimulated
-"Draw me plwEAsE"


Before you follow

-My content is 14+ ONLY, but if you are going to see it anyways, that's not my fault and it's out of my hands. I already did my job warning you
-I usually wrote with caps on if im hyped or when i dont check if the caps are on or off, I dont have any problem of not using it if it triggers you
-I swear. a LOT :-(
-I have tics/shaky hands and this ussually makes me write like shit, but other times its just bc i dont notice or idc
-I have bad memory (like, I usually forget names, words, places, moments, conversations, things, etc) so, I will take my time before reply you :o]
-I will probably spam you random or funny stuff i found/have if weare friends :oD (if you dont like this type of stuff PLEASE tell me first i click the DMs button) MUTUALS DO NOT COUNT, maybe,,,
-I can repeat the same word w/o realising for a long time
-I make weird jokes, if this makes you uncomfortable, please tell me :o(
-If i follow someone problematic or if I accidentally said smth problematic PLEAS LMK I WILL NOT ANGRE OR SMTH /SRS
-Yes, i like gore and stuff, but this doesn't mean you can be an edgy fuck with me


Questions n Answers :oD

This might have some misswritings but its bc i copy-pasted it

¿? :: "What app do you use for digital art ? "
— ;; Ibis Paint, MS Paint and npw im trying to use Clip Studio Paint
¿? :: "Do you use tone indicators ? "
[/j /srs /gen /lyr /c /s /r]
— ;; Yeah, most of the time when i need them, i get easily confused. But I have no problem if someone get bothered with that, I will don't use them if that's the case [some guides for you [miren gente, una guia en español]]
¿? :: "What if we flirt ? "
— ;; Tbh, i dont carr about (/j) flirting, im ok with it (i rrpeat, /j flirting). But only if you are under 18 (ALSO i can say no if im uncomfortable or something)
¿? :: "Pets :-] ? "
— ;; Yes, I have a dog